#6 Notes From A Goddess on Her Travels

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This time away has been so good for her. She’s had so many issues in her life recently that have got her stuck in what she can only describe as a power struggle, with other people. And even though the situation hasn’t changed, she has. 

Feeling this freedom and joy again has reminded her of who she really is and what she really wants. 

Sometimes you just need to remember how good it feels to feel good and you’re right back on track.

She wants to feel this happy, this peaceful more often. 

She’s been caught up in a lot of confrontation but it was their desire for confrontation, not hers. This time away, even though it has been short, it has given her the chance to step back and see things from a different perspective. But she doesn’t need to be away to do this, she can always simply step back and with a sense of compassion, try to experience life from their perspective. Now she can see that she was just another character in their play but the more she steps away from the power struggles, the more peaceful she will feel.

She has so much to be grateful for, she likes this feeling…so much. Tomorrow she will free up a little more time to find this inner peace again, she can’t think of anything more important than this feeling right here, right now.