Feeling Good Home or Away

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There is the path of will, the path of struggle and the path of joy and compassion. 

She knows her path. 

She quiets the noise around her and listens only to her heart. 

She knows what brings her joy, she knows she is the joy finding her path.

 One of the reasons we all love to travel is because of how it makes us feel. Excited, alive, free, happy, complete, relaxed even successful are just some of the feelings we associate with travel. 

Traveling is many things to different people and experiencing these emotions when we’re off on our travels somewhere is great, it’s life buzzing through our veins.

But lets be realistic, most of us can’t travel that often, I mean we would if we could but as it stands we either have other timely commitments or big dreams (aside from travelling) that we’re wanting to pursue or quite frankly we just don’t have enough dosh to up and go as often as we’d like. But by no means should we have to wait until we’re away to be able to experience all those good feelings. 

So lets get talking about how we can live more joyfully now. We are Goddesses after all and a Goddess of Travel gets to live in joy whether she’s home or away.

Try this little exercise….

Step 1: Start by listing 7 things that you love to do. 

Now I know #1 on your list is probably going to be to book a trip somewhere, mine was also. And #2 was lying in the sun! 

So I’ve added a stipulation to the game;  You need to list 7 things that you love to do, that feel joyful when you do them, that you haven’t done in the last several months!

 My list looked a little like this –

  1. accomplishing a goal
  2. yoga
  3. getting a massage
  4. go jogging with a friend
  5. baking
  6. out for dinner without the children
  7. go out out

Step 2: Next to each item on your list, jot down what it is that stops you from doing it. ie, too scared, too tired, no money etc.

Step 3: Pick your top 3 things from your list that hold the most joy for you, and think of one step you can take toward each to bring it into your life.

Step 4: Last step is to make yourself accountable by marking a date and time in your calendar that you will bring these joyful activities into your life.

Now this little exercise may seem simple, but do not underestimate the power in simplicity when it comes to bringing more joy into your life.