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Welcome to our blog.

We are passionate about travel bags here at My Overnight Bags. But it’s not just because we love bags and its not just because we love to travel, it’s because we are obsessed with travelling the world with the grace and glamour of a goddess.

We believe that a well designed travel bag will keep us organised, calm and collected. And if we choose the right fabrics and colors, they can reflect our own style beautifully whilst on our travels.

So we’re going to designate our blog to talking about the best and latest travel accessories, as well as where’s where to visit.

But alongside that we’re going to be sharing what it really takes to travel like a goddess. You see, well chosen travel accessories whilst visiting the most desirable destinations are only part of the package. Real grace and glamour is ultimately a state of mind and that is what we want to dedicate a portion of our blog to discussing.

We want to talk about all the joys you experience when you’re travelling and we want to bring that feeling back home, so you can feel great whether you are home or away.