Will You Become A Second City Traveler

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We’re always hearing about the latest ‘travel trend’ for us to jump on board with and while some are worth listening to, others are just a waste of ear time but there is a trend called ‘traveling to a second city’ that we think you will really want to embrace. 

The reason for this new second city trend is to help reduce the problem of ‘over-tourism’ in some of our major cities around the world. 

Who would have thought that ‘over-tourism’ would ever become a problem for any city? 

Well it seems that with the help of a little known site called ‘Instagram’, a desire to take short stays to mayor cities is increasing but the cities can’t handle the extra footfall and their infrastructures is suffering as a result.

You know us, we’re all for people taking a trip somewhere. We love the idea of more people taking some well deserved time out to slowdown and bask in the sun or time to explore a new city.

But is seems that the extra visitors is really having a negative impact on some of our most beautiful cities. Not only is there an increased strain on infrastructure but also a damaging effect to culture & heritage, a loss in wildlife even the locals are choosing to stay away.  

Popular destinations such as Barcelona and Venice for example, cannot cope with the influx of increased tourism. When a city experiences too many visitors – regularly, it starts to have an environmental impact.

So what do we mean by traveling to a second city? In layman’s terms this means to visit a country’s lesser known city.

The reason for this new trend isn’t purely to reduce over tourism though. There are some low cost airlines now adding new routes to smaller destinations across popular countries and these smaller destinations are much cheaper that its more popular options. This is a great incentive for people to try out a new, lesser known, city. And by doing so they are also enjoying the chance to try out a more traditional maybe even a more authentic experience.

Travelers are also desiring to break from the traditional travel destinations, more and more people are looking to go off radar, to get off of the beaten track and becoming a second city traveler gives them that option.

So, will you become a second city traveler?

If it sounds like your type of thing then here are some great second city alternatives to consider:

Swap Mexico city for Oaxaca, Lisbon for Porto, Auckland for Wellington, Barcelona for Seville, Berlin for Hamburg, New York for Nashville, Buenos Aires for Salta, Toronto for Halifax and Marrakesh for Agadir.

Bon Voyage xx